Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Presso vs. Aeropress vs. French Press vs. Real Espresso Machine

This is a comparative review of the Presso and Aeropress manual gourmet coffee presses. French Press and Commercial Grade (Real) Espresso Machine are added as reference points.

NOTE: this assumes you have access to properly-ground, freshly roasted, good quality coffee beans. If not, replace all results with "shitty".

  Presso Aeropress French Press Commercial Grade Espresso Machine
Price (approx.) $$$ $$ $ $$$$
Complexity of use easy complex medium medium
Americano-style coffee: flavour great great great great
Espresso-style coffee: flavour good not bad (do not use) great
Espresso-style coffee: crema some none none great
Latteswho careswho careswho careswho cares
When not in use, it... looks cool tucks away looks cool wastes space
Cleaning it is very easy easy almost easy easy
Coolness type industrial-cool geek-cool euro-cool bling-cool
Other cons you need to preheat it disposable paper filters required unique taste it will break down and/or require maintenance eventually
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