Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ode to Cheese Trays

Ode to Cheese Trays

Oh tell me you didn't buy
Another cheese tray

Please tell me, why oh why
Another cheese tray?

I hope that you have receipts
For all the cheese trays

Because we can't serve fruits or meats
On these, they're cheese trays

Mice will be at the door
Saying 'Please serve us some more
On your wonderful cheese trays.'

Even if we had our own cheese store
We'd only need two, three or four
So 'til then, please don't bring home any more.

Just keep the one that you adore
And leave the rest at the dollar store
Or you'll see what the cheese knife is for.

Is this one just for swiss or brie?
Or for cheddar, or all 3?
No, wait -- this one's just for me...
So at least I
Don't have to buy
Another cheese tray.
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