Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Giulio's Guide to Social Sites - 2015

Where to Post What

What you are postingWhere to post it
memes with cats post on Instagram
sad photos you think will help raise awareness of social causes but in fact only further an unknown 3rd party's ulterior motives by feeding their account with likes and shares to give more web clout to their commercial endeavors please post on facebook
things no one else cares about
(i.e. where you are, how you feel, what you did today)
post on Twitter
links to articles of regurgitated information or repackaged common sense that make you feel smarter post on LinkedIn
selfies stop posting them
pictures of food stop posting them, or post on Pinterest if you must
(its okay because no one will see it there)
boring, obvious, contextless quotes which are supposedly profound now that someone saved it as an image instead of plain text for the love of god, stop posting them
anything truly interesting or insightful put down your smartphone and TELL SOMEONE
sharing this article or other internet debunking tips share on Google+
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